Canva - False hair. Hair for hair extens

MiDivine Beauty Boutique offers high quality premium human hair extensions. Each installation is customized to what compliments your current hair & texture. The bonds are strategically placed, allowing to feel virtually undetectable and weightless.  Whether you want longer or more voluminous hair, our goal is to offer you the highest quality hair that is safe & effective that we know you will love!




Our hair is 100% Cuticle Aligned Russian Remy hair. MiDivine's hair line is ethically 

sourced and manufactured.  They come in various types and  gorgeous tones. The extensions will not shed or tangle as they are of  the highest grade of donor human hair.

An innovative process is used to keep the hair strong and healthy. The hair is never

processed using harsh chemicals or bleaches.  

The hair is treated slowly and precisely to ensure top quality


Select Your Favorite Method

NANO BEADS - For Thin to Thick Hair

Using beads 90% smaller than Microlink, Nanolink hair extensions are ideal for all hair types. There is no glue, wax, sewing or braiding involved. Pliers are used to clamp the bead shut on your natural hair and the extension. ​They blend seamlessly into hair with virtually undetectable beads. Nanos are comfortable, lightweight extensions that are reusable for up to 12+ months with regular maintenance appointments.

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FUSIONS - For Medium to Thick Hair

Hot fusions, or keratin tips, this method is tried, tested, and true. When installed correctly, bonds are lightweight, discreet, flexible, and durable. They’re attached by molding a keratin tip containing an individual bundle of hair around an equal amount of your hair. They can be worn for 3-4 months straight with no maintenance.

BEADED WEFTS - For Thin to Thick Hair

The hidden beaded weft techniques (also known as the braid-less weaves) cater to more hair types without causing damage! Whether you have fine, thin hair, or coarse, dense hair.  It is installed without the use of any heat tools, chemicals, glues, braids, etc. Instead, the weft lays completely flush with the scalp. It is installed with micro beads that are lined with gel silicone, which acts as a protective cushion for the natural hair.

Select Your Desired Look

Little Boo - Peek-a-Boo

highlights to add some depth and funk to

our hair.

Up to 50 grams hair included.

20" $370  |  26" $385

Sassy - Add volume and length to your hair. Instant Sass!


Up to 100 grams of hair included.

20" $480  |  26" $500

Boss Babe – Mega volume and length.


Up to 150 grams of hair included for the Boss Babe.

20" $520  |  26" $540

Bombshell - Bombshell makeover.

200 grams of luscious locks will leave you feeling like the queen that you are.

20" $560  |  26" $580



*  Double drawn 100% human hair


*  Selection of multiple shades for customized blending


*  Key Care & Maintenance Information


*  Blending of hair extensions

Terms:  Hair extensions are non-refundable. There are absolutely no refunds on the services or hair. Our extensions are specially ordered,  for hygienic purposes they cannot be exchanged or returned. Most people love extensions but there are exceptions and you can't always know ahead of time. If you are extremely sensitive or have extremely thin hair, you may not want to get them. You do need to give extensions a fair chance. It can take a week or two to get used to the feeling of the attachments. The extension hair may not feel exactly like your own hair and that is to be expected.

Canva - False colored hair on white back